Er. Anil Bansal

The young generation is most concerned about ensuring a secured future, just as a nation prepares its forces with utmost care to secure its boundaries. And just as the preparation requires intensive training by dedicated trainers in a perfectly simulated live experience, students also require expert guidance and mentorship to achieve a secured and stable future.

Welcome to Bansal Group of Institutes (BGI), an entity of Shriniwas Education society, Bhopal where we are committed to equipping students with education and exposure, critical for constructing a stable career in Engineering.

Er. Sunil Bansal

We at Bansal Group of Institutes (BGI), are committed to the employability of our students by enhancing their theoretical knowledge coupled with practical skills, resulting in a high level of placements of the Group Students.

Dr. Sanjay Jain

Jt. Secratary

The amalgamation of students’ skills with the needs of the society, Corporate world, culture, ever-growing technology, and the student’s confidence to prove his presence at Global Perspective, is what we are concerned with the most.

Dr. H.B. Khurasia

Group Director, BGI

Teaching is not just transmitting knowledge but more notably nurturing and transforming young minds.” The creation of well-educated, employable students is what we mainly aim at, in our organization. Additionally, we try to give society Better Human Beings.

Dr. Rishikesh Rawat

Director, BCE

Dr. Rawat pursued BE & MTech from MANIT Bhopal. With his uttermost 19 years of experience in the field of engineering as a teacher and an administrator, has published several research papers in journals of international repute. He is the epitome of true excellence and has an interest lying in innovation, teaching, and learning pedagogy.