About BGI

Bansal College of Engineering Mandideep has been laboriously thriving for the past 20 years. It established itself as the premier engineering college in Mandideep and commenced with only 240 students. This glorious institute holds its affiliation with RGPV and provides fine-quality education.

It has catered to 1200+ placements with the assistance of 120+ faculty members. The institute holds skill-based learning to higher prominence and poses this as the secret to the invincible journey.

Bansal College of Engineering Mandideep strives to serve the students with top-notch facilities, impressive infrastructural norms, and a massive track record of placements.

We believe in building a concrete future for the students that holds the foundation of national contribution.

We lay the structure of trust and believe in strengthening the precious bond that the institute has with the students. We furthermore want an ambiance that gives rise to innovative futuristic ideas and execution.


Accomplishments are considered to be the influencing factor for any individual or institution to do things in a better way. It poses the motivation that brings out the best in the institution and more prominently the students. The functioning of the institution is driven by the force of its diligent students and our achievements truly highlight the stated matter.

  • Srijan awarded Bansal College of Engineering, Mandideep as the best institute of Madhya Pradesh in 2014.
  • ISTE Chapter 2011
  • IETE Student Forum 2010
  • CSI 2005
  • Remote Center IIT Bombay
  • NPTEL (Local Chapter)

Our Vision

To create an inclusive environment that promotes skills and intellect to contribute to the amalgamation of nation-building and personal development.

Our Mission

The primary purpose is to provide an ambiance conducive to learning and empowering skilled intellectuals to establish themselves and be socially responsible.